Treating Vaginal Skin Conditions With The O-Shot

Innovative Treatments for Lichen Sclerosus and Lichen Planus

Revolutionizing Relief: The O-Shot for Lichen Sclerosus and Lichen Planus

Discover a new horizon in the treatment of Lichen Sclerosus and Lichen Planus with the O-Shot. These challenging skin conditions can affect the genital area, causing discomfort and impacting quality of life. This page explores how the O-Shot provides a novel approach to managing these conditions, offering hope for relief and improved well-being.

Understanding Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic skin condition that causes thin, white, patchy areas, often in the genital and anal regions. It can lead to itching, pain, and scarring, and in severe cases, may affect sexual function and lead to complications. The exact cause is unknown, but it’s thought to be related to immune system issues and hormonal imbalances.

Understanding Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is an inflammatory condition that can affect the skin and mucous membranes, including those in the genital area. It typically presents as purplish, itchy, flat bumps. While the exact cause is unclear, it is believed to be an immune response triggered by various factors, including viral infections and allergens. Lichen Planus can cause discomfort and pain, impacting sexual health.

The O-Shot's Role in Managing Symptoms

The O-Shot, using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, offers a unique approach to alleviating symptoms associated with Lichen Sclerosus and Lichen Planus. The growth factors in PRP can promote healing and reduce inflammation in the affected tissues. This treatment aims to alleviate symptoms like itching, discomfort, and pain, and may improve the overall health of the genital tissues.

Success Stories


A: The O-Shot’s PRP therapy can aid in healing and reducing inflammation, alleviating symptoms like itching and pain.
A: Local anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort during the procedure.
A: Recovery is generally immediate, with some mild sensitivity possible.
A: Effectiveness varies; many patients report symptom relief, though it’s not a cure.
A: Typical side effects include temporary swelling or bruising at the injection site.
A: Benefits can last for several months, varying from person to person.
A: While it doesn’t cure these conditions, the O-Shot can be a valuable part of a comprehensive management plan.
A: Individuals with symptomatic Lichen Sclerosus or Lichen Planus may find relief with the O-Shot.
A: The O-Shot can complement other treatments and should be part of an integrated care approach.
A: Unfortunately, we find that most insurance companies do not cover the O-Shot® procedure as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence, chronic vaginal pain, or sexual health. Although we do not file insurance claims, we are happy to provide our patients with the necessary paperwork to file their own claims. Alternatively, we offer several easy and convenient financing options.

Lichen Sclerosus and Lichen Planus can be distressing, but the O-Shot offers a potential avenue for relief and improved genital health. If you’re seeking a novel approach to managing these conditions, the O-Shot might be a suitable option. Contact our specialists for more information and personalized advice.